Who is more prepared for UEFA Champions League final, Juventus or Real?

Champions League

UEFA Champions League final: battle of two giants

“Football-today.com”: Let’s briefly compare those two soccer giants in the upcoming UEFA Champions League final. Juventus is inferior to Real in the quantity of attempted strikes. If we compare the possession of the ball, then the Italians rank higher. Who will have to play the first number in the final? The accuracy of the passes from the Madrid Real is better thanks to Modric and Kroos. Juventus is predictably stronger on the second floor. But you cannot say that the Italians play better than Real. Zidane’s team acts more technically, strikes more accurately and is more aggressive at ball tackling.

It is necessary to note two things about Allegri’s Juventus. The team was weaker in autumn than it is now. That is, the coach correctly planned the season, clearly understood the problems that existed and solved them. He arranged and solidified the positional play and tactics. We can see it bringing success against the attacking opponents like Barcelona and Monaco. But there is also other thing to consider. Real is not the team of a rabid attack. Also, in their last UEFA Champions League final Juventus was not as good in the decisive match. It was better at the way to it. And this applies to different generations of players.

We can remember the victory of Morata over his former team— Real two years ago. Add that Juventus is now physically stronger than it was before. It moves perfectly, even Higuain changed drastically in this regard. But Zidane’s Real nowadays also looks more like Allegri’s Juventus in its approach than it was. Therefore, the UEFA Champions League final against Madrid may prove to be more difficult for Juventus FC than the quarter-finals and semi-finals.

Positional superiority v Willpower

The first minutes of the match with the Monaco showed that Juventus can perfectly hold against offensive play. The continuation has proved the superiority of counterattacks and clear attacks of the champion of Italy. Also, Buffon, who lost the UEFA Champions League final in 2003 to Shevchenko, and in 2015 – to Iniesta and Suarez, definitely deserves a third chance. A special chance, since this time will be his last in career. On the other hand, Real often succumbs to opponents starting initiative. But this time, they prevailed against Atletico. The confidence gained from such victory can’t be underestimated.

In Football-today.com opinion, difficult struggle awaits both teams. One can’t know what the UEFA Champions League final will bring to us. Will it be closed positional play or rush of emotions, wasted chances and fireworks. Will the game begin with sharp tactics or all of tension will present itself in endgame? It is hard to say who is stronger here. Rather we face equality in terms of the sum of the indicators. Both sides have advantage due to its specific strengths.

Prediction: Juventus 1 – 0 Real


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