Why we need Ajax to win Europa League final

Europa League, Friends Arena

Battle for the Trophy

Europa League final is coming where Ajax and Manchester United will battle for trophy. Football-Today editorial board argues in favor of the Amsterdam club as a victory that modern football needs.


Even a week before the final, the head coach of the MU, Jose Mourinho began his favorite game. In his inherent manner he very caustically spoke about the participation of the Amsterdam club in the European League. The Portuguese coach expressed the opinion that the team that started the season in the Champions League has no right to continue to participate in another European tournament (Ajax lost to Rostov in the fourth qualifying round of the Champions League and went to the group stage of Europa League). Naturally, this opinion of a respected and authoritative football expert has the right to exist. Perhaps, from a sporting point of view, he is somewhere right. However, it seems that Mourinho expressed this position solely to hurt the Dutch reminding them the painful defeat at the beginning of the year.

The dilemma of the Second-rate Tournament

Jose Mourinho belongs to the category of those coaches who will do anything for the sake of victory using all the possible levers. But if such rhetoric was acceptable in his previous clubs for various reasons, now such justifications are simply out of place in the most titled, popular and financially strong English team.
Before the start of the season, Manchester United was one of the main favorites not only in the European League, but also in the national championship. It’s not surprising considering that in the summer bosses of the “red devils” worked pretty well, spending more than 150 million pounds sterling (including the most expensive transfer in the history of football – Paul Pogba from Juventus).

“Second-rate Tournament” Dilemma

Manchester United pays the highest salaries to football players in the Premier League. It would be foolish to invest such an amount not in the highest places and trophies. Yes, we can argue that Jose has already won one tournament and can do it again. But, in the case of Manchester United you need to focus just on a complete failure in the championship. The Manchester Grand could not even get into the four. Complaining about the injuries of the players is extremely rude in relation to, for example, Liverpool and Arsenal.

Also let’s not forget he words of Jose Mourinho before the second coming to Chelsea. Remember? He spoke that Europa League is not the tournament that corresponds to his own ambitions and ambitions of his team. Of course, since that time much has changed. In particular, the winner together with the cup gets a direct ticket to the Champions League.

Failures that are Positive

However strange this may sound, the current failures of Manchester United play to the hands of football today. Until now, this magnificent sport depends on money. When the stronger and richer wins – everything is boring and uninteresting. It’s always more interesting when there are such stories as last year’s Leicester, the current Monaco (not the poorest but against the top clubs, a beggar) and today’s Ajax.

About Ajax

The Amsterdam club has always been famous for its powerful academy. This is something that has always distinguished Dutch clubs from other leading teams of European championships. At the moment, Eredivisie is going through not the best of times. It’s amazing that at such a time, the club brought out a number of young soccer players, who, undoubtedly, are waiting for a great future. There is a chance that Ajax will open way to big football for young Dolberg, De Ligt, Kluivert, Onana, Van de Beek and others. Similarly, as once in the mid-90s this team made the legends.
By the way, it is worth noting that the triumph in the Europa League will open the gate for the head coach Peter Bosz, who is far from being a boy, but only now has proved himself to be a great specialist in working with young people.

Consequences of Victory in Europa League

The victory of Manchester United will look predictable and logical. In case of defeat, Ajax will definitely not become less likable. But in this battle of David and Goliath, we as never before want to support the weak in advance. And not because cheering for the underdogs is fashionable now. It’s because it will be better for the sport itself. In today’s football, over-saturated with fabulous money, it is important to have this kind of romantic stories. Such stories will make sport more diverse. That will provide a chance and give hope to the financially modest teams to achieve success.


In the camp of “Red Devils”, Jose Mourinho needs victory the most. In the case of triumph, the Portuguese will be again on horseback. They will indirectly cover the unsuccessful performance in the Premier League and prepare for the Champions League next season. However, the victory of Ajax will bring a real revolution in football. In “Football-Today” opinion, it will become an event where the training process is still appreciated, where modesty is better than playing with shock value, where the game of FOOTBALL always comes first!


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