Football predictions for Manchester United

football predictions

Football predictions aside admits – Celta too dull for the finals. Therefore even the boring MU deserved further passage.

Why was Manchester United so boring?

This match turned out more boring than the match of Ajax and Lyon. It turned out less interesting and tactically thought-out than even the last match. If MU continues to play like this, than no football predictions will help.

Match could be diligent or boring. Teams chose the second option. During first half, at some point MU had 33% of inaccurate passes, at the end of the game – 27%. In other words, all complex passes – all attempts of Valencia, except one across the field, did not work. We can also mention the terrible accuracy of MU – excluding rare moments. English club did not make any successful aerial assists.

Full refusal of strong flank attacks in favor of the control of the center? As a result, MU did not get anything. In fact “Manchester United” did not make a single assist from the classic “ten” in the direction of the zone where Ibrahimovic was usually. In other words, during the break, Mourinho had all the right to swear in Portuguese, Spanish and English at the same time. His team played in outstandingly dull way.

Statistics and football predictions — were the teams afraid of each other?

Attacks (on target): 9 (2) – 10 (5)

As expected and according to football predictions, Celta played awfully near its gates. This explains why Manchester United had four shots on goal out of five. Clear evidence of how the hosts feared the British. At the same time, considering high pressure and successful fights of Fellaini and Pogba in the center, the guests played incredibly narrowly. Their flank defenders worked in the style of the 60-s of the twentieth century. How else can we explain why Valencia and Darmian played so conservatively? The accents on the edges were zero, the attack — sluggish, support — weak. That’s how Celta and Manchester United played. After a break MU had 5 hits and only 1 exact – the one that scored.

Ball possession: 56% – 44%

According to football predictions, MU had a complete dominance in the quality of work with the ball. But Manchester made mistakes in almost a third of the assists. Celta was no better. As a result, they had a slight advantage in ball possession. But the MU controlled most of the game. With this football, even the old munching (according to the British media) could help. We mean Rooney, who in our opinion is an old-school football player, but he did not show up. The leader was sorely lacking. As a result, Fellaini did not look much worse than Pogba and for a 20 million Euro football player – it’s an insult.

Savior of Match — Marcus Rashford

We want to believe that Marcus won’t be hit by “Star Sickness” and then burn out, like Macheda. Rashford does not look like a serious adult soccer player at all. This guy lacks an outstanding technique, speed or power qualities. But he chose an interesting stroke structure – the trajectory when he scored a nice free-kick.

MVP of Match — Marouane Fellaini


Celta’s coach asked to remove Fellaini. But in fact and according to football predictions, Marouane should be made the King of Galicia. So he could rule in Vigo and the surrounding area. Seriously, when you play against MU, let Fellaini look no worse than the rest, then there is no forgiveness for you. All-in-all, “Celta” actually lost to faster Pogba – who played poorly. But at the same time he played with more quality than Fellaini. But in such a strange and weak fight the best can only be Marouane. Here, we can’t do without sarcasm.

Referee Sergei Karasev

As usually happens, especially when Karasev is judging and he is calm – nothing criminal in the performance of the referee from Russia. Perhaps, he sometimes lacked participation, sometimes allowed to play rougher than it should. The referee was lucky with this match – he judged the fight that was at the pace of retirees. In Football-today opinion, Sergei worked well, because he allowed the players to play.

The shame of the match — MU stalling the time

You saw that at the end of the match, “United” did not even try to finish off the “Celta”. Moreover, at the very end they played for retirement. Again, unnecessarily tired – okay, Rashford is young, he may, but his adult “uncles” have no excuses. They crawled at the field to keep the advantage of one ball at any cost. Pogba, Fellaini, Valencia, Darmian and Blind made a wild fuss at the end of the match without meaningful actions and attempts to attack. Only the powerlessness of Celta kept MU from trouble in the end.

Second semi-final weaker than first

Do you remember fast match from MU in the European League? There was only one — a home match against Fenerbahce. But who watched it, he knows – there were four goals after six accurate attempts.There were torment matches against Rostov and Anderlecht. The question is, what does MU have from the weapon arsenal of the European League finalist?

Unfortunately, if you remove a beautiful strike of Rashford, then we get an extremely controversial match from the Mourinho team. Zero for the creativity of midfield and flanks, weak realization of rare moments. Tactics is a stone in the garden of José. It is good for him that yesterday’s schoolboy behaved as a leader for a second. If MU can not pin down the Celta, which stands and waits by the sea for the weather, then this is a bad football.

Lyon and Ajax walked a certain path in the European League and they transformed. But MU remains the same. Manchester United and Van Gaal could have played like that. However, it is clear that this boring United with poor quality of the game can easily win the final, as it will wait and score the only sure strike. We’ll see how it turns out, but even Mourinho’s son would not give high marks to such football out of love for his father.

Last football prediction for Manchester

MU does not yet know how to play quickly, broadly and powerfully, again same explosions and convulsive attempts to find Zlatan on field, where he is absent. He won’t be. The show is depressing. On the other hand, Celta is even worse and always played boringly in the European League. Perhaps, it’s better if Manchester United will reach the final.  However weak Manchester United looks today, Celta is even worse.


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