Lionel Messi Retirement! What’s wrong with Messi?

Lionel Messi Retirement
Lionel Messi Retirement

Is Lionel Messi Retirement coming soon? Lionel Messi once again did not win a trophy in UEFA Champions League. What is happening to an alien?

Conflicts in the Club and National Team

Is Lionel Messi Retirement coming soon? The main problem of Lionel Messi now lays in psychology. His outstanding talent, incredible ball control and stunning shots on goal are still intact. But his confidence is subject to random drops and rises.

Leo Messi vs Granada 2014
Leo Messi vs Granada 2014

Recently, Messi gets on the cover of Spanish and Latin American media, even more than when his goals bring “Barcelona” trophies. Argentine repeatedly turns as hero of scandals. There is a feeling that even Messi himself does not understand where is the truth, and where — the pursuit of yellow newspapers on behalf of the main player of the planet.

The key understanding to what happens to Messi lays in his biography for last 30 years. And even in this case we may never know. The fact is, the striker of “Barcelona” had never experienced such pressure during his entire career in Catalonia. The word – “Lionel Messi Retirement” is undoubtedly harsh, but well, who knows what the future will bring.

Invisible in Big Games

In early April, Lionel Messi was leading the fight for the title of top scorer in Europe. But let not this fact fool you.

Yes, Messi continues to score in Primera Division putting doublets and triplets in the gates of “Osasuna” and “Valencia”. But this is not the level that is expected from Lionel. Argentinean accustomed us to the fact that he is consistently strong in the important “Barcelona” games, in contrast with Ozil or, from the point of view of many, his main antagonist — Ronaldo.


Leadership goes to Neymar

Neymar became the new front-man of the “Barcelona” while Messi ceased to be the one. The most glaring example is the match with the “Paris Saint-Germain”, 6:1 at “Camp Nou”. The Brazilian has played an important role. He scored the fifth goal and he also made a crucial assist on Sergi Roberto.

This season, Messi is gradually turning into a play-maker, who prevents the central midfielders from sinking deeply into defense echelons in search of the ball. After finding it, Lionel is looking for Neymar.  And this season Neymar creates more chances for his partners than Messi and Iniesta together, hence the talks about Lionel Messi retirement.

Identifying the Main Problem

With the departure of Dani Alves and tactical reorganization, the right edge was covered with the shift from either Gomes or Ivan Rakitić. Luis Enrique sacrificed central axis, which now has lazily moving Messi. An important component of the 4-4-2 is compactness and constant pressure, the basis of which — game into two hitters against central midfielder opponents. But instead of Messi one of the central midfielders performs this job. He retracts forward from his line. The result is predictable — a rival creates transmission in the free zone and cuts off all the midfield.

The only solution for Messi’s laziness, bringing harm to “Barcelona” – is a coach’s resignation and not the Lionel Messi retirement as he is still the the world’s best football-player. Luis Enrique openly shows that he won’t interfere with his intent to create. This approach also has the right to life and it works sometimes. But right now, in Football Today opinion, “Barcelona” is in a dire need of a tight rein.


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