Why did Monaco fail? Juventus is more experienced team.

Monaco fail

Why did really Monaco fail so easily. The French team did not put up any real fight. “Football-today.com”: there’s clear overwhelming evidence of Allegri’s superiority over Jardim. Juventus did not even break a leg.

The beginning that did not last

The first ten minutes passed under pressure from Monaco. In the opening, Juventus spent 85% of playing at his own half of the field. The French had pressure, but did not come up with real moments. If they scored in the opening, Juventus would have harder time. And so the Italians took a break, exchanged the injured Khedira for creative Marchisio and rolled the attack. Monaco defense line trembled, and, therefore, after the first half, the fight was over. Therefore, Monaco fail is logical outcome.

Juventus Stadium
Juventus Stadium

Monaco did not try to understand the opponent.

After all, eight minutes before the first goal, Mandzukic struck four times. He repeatedly bombarded Subasic, who is a good goalkeeper, but has never been great. Therefore it is not surprising that result came sooner or later.

It’s hard to win a battle against Buffon losing 4: 0 on the sum of two fights. After all, Juventus rarely drops the ball twice. In January Atalanta scored two goals in the Italian Cup, but lost in the end. The “Monaco” did not achieve the same. The key mistake – they did not break the opponent’s game. They did not wait for opportunities, but tried to play their game. The result is obvious – the score difference could have been larger even before the break.

What do Statistics say?

Possession of the ball: 52.5% – 47.5%

After the first half, “Juventus” had advantage in both — the ball possession and the main score. Juventus could play better in the second half, but they were not in any hurry? However, even if Juventus gave ball to Monaco, it’s unlikely that Buffon would drop any. Monaco fail would still happen.

Assists (accuracy): 413 (84%) – 367 (84%)

Juventus is more experienced team. Monaco is also very skillful and has many talented players. That is clear from the statistics of the programs. After all, the French did not concede to the Italians on the accuracy of assists. But, they could not collect the same amount of redirected assists. Juventus is able to play comfortably while giving up initiative. This time they did not have to. The French were quite dull in all of the parameters of the game. They failed altogether on the second floor – 20 successful jumps against 4.

Attacks (on target): 15 (6) – 10 (2)

Monaco is not always good at realization despite their incredible statistics in the season. Almost every third hit of Juventus was on target. In the case of Monaco, it was only two out of ten. This means that in fact Buffon did have easy time during the entire match. One more reason why Monaco fail happened.

An event for history — Mbappé scored

Mbappé was born when Buffon already had the first World Cup. Buffon gave his shirt to the young striker after the first game. Remember, times ago, how veterans ignored young Gigi in exchange. As a result, young Kylian scored against him and interrupted an impressive “dry” series. Lehmann’s record in the days of strong Arsenal still holds.

The hero of the semifinals — Daniel Alves (Juventus)

In the first match Higuain made a double and Dybala gave important assists. But Dani had scoring assists and now he added a beautiful goal. Barcelona miscalculated – the Brazilian did not slow down despite his age. As a result, Juventus received an important trump card in the attack. Remember, Alves gathered six goals and twelve assists in recent years in the Champions League. It’s an excellent statistics for the defender. Although everyone knows – Alves is only formally a defense player. He also adds confidence to Juventus play.

Final Thoughts: why did Monaco fail

What else can be said? What else can be added to reason why Monaco fail happened. In “Football-today.com” opinion, Monaco lost in all aspects. They could not keep the initiative and they missed twice. After the break there was fuss, not football.  Overall, Juventus played more solidly and Monaco did never dominate in two matches.


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