Real Madrid vs. Atlético Madrid in UEFA Champions League Semifinals

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Real Madrid UEFA Champions League
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Real Madrid

UEFA Champions League Semifinals are coming. Let’s concentrate on all pros and cons of upcoming plays!169 matches. Goal difference is 296:221. The teams played 2 finals in Euro cups: UEFA Champions League 2013/14 (4:1 in extra time), Champions League 2015/16 (1:1, 5:3 on penalty) and the quarter-final UEFA Champions League 2014/15 (0:0, 1:0).  “Real” won in all cases.

Real Madrid vs. Atlético Madrid in Champions League semi-finals
Real Madrid vs. Atlético Madrid in Champions League semi-finals

Games Schedule: First match, Santiago Bernabéu: Tuesday 2 May, Second match, Vicente Calderón: Wednesday 10 May.

Pros and Cons of UEFA Champions League Semifinals

Pros of semi-finals:

  1. Mono-finals are out of question, which is good, because it would be the third match of “Real” and “Atlético” in four years – too much.
  2. “Real” has the chance to break the main tradition of the Champions League. That is, no holder had won twice in a row.
  3. Simeone knows that this is last chance. Preparations for the match will be unprecedented. Also “Real” has to be distracted by La Liga.
  4. “Atlético” is inconvenient contender for “Real”. Despite all victories of the “Royal Club” it’s inconvenient for them to play with their neighbors.
  5. “Real” controversial defense – the stereotype of secrecy can debunk.
  6. High-voltage encounter: Griezmann vs. Ronaldo, Koke vs. Kroos, Luiz vs. Marcelo, Diego Godin vs. Sergio Ramos – a lot of personal duels.
  7. This is a derby that always adds emotion on the field and the stands

Cons of semi-finals:

  1. These teams play often with each other and that can lead to little novelty.
  2. “Real” and “Atlético” are often limited to a small number of heads. Even if “Real” defense line suggests otherwise.
  3. If Simeone loses, we’ll get a repetition of history with the absence of intrigue.
  4. “Atlético” is not the most favored by UEFA referees. If they help “Real” again, it will be unpleasant. We would like to watch game, not scandals.
Real Madrid celebration
Real Madrid celebration

Why will “Real” win against “Atlético”?

Force of habit. Moral superiority rests on the side of a more distinguished opponent. Also, if there are arbitrary inconsistencies, the decisions will most likely be in favor of “Real”. It is difficult to imagine “Atlético” “dragged” to the finals. Simeone understands his team can’t be a favorite.  Ronaldo scored as many in the Champions League as the whole “Atlético”.

Ronaldo, Marcelo, Sergio Ramos, Kroos, Modrić and Bale are people who won’t easily lose against “Atlético”. Last seven matches – one defeat. The series may continue, because the quality of the game “Real” shows is consistent. Diego can’t do much to surprise Zinedine.   Both sides can show good football but usually “Atlético” is less fortunate of the two.

Why will “Atlético” knock “Real” out?

Old scores. Do you think if “Real” has 28 semi-finals in the history and the “Atlético” only 5, then they have no chance? You are wrong! “Real” lost in the semifinals 13 times – almost half cases. “Atlético” might as well not lose!

In addition, it is always easier for “Real” to prevail in one match, but when against strategic planning – the favorite has difficult time. “Atlético” did not become weaker in recent years. And while their neighbor is the current king of football in Europe, it is time for Griezmann to move ahead of Ronaldo at least once. Rivals are close to each others’ level of play. Therefore, “The Indians” might remove the crown and scalp from “The Whites”. Also they are not thinking about La Liga as often as “Real”.

Football Forecast: Is is time for “Real” to fail?

Maybe, but somehow it seems that Ronaldo and his colleagues may work it out.  Years go by, and the “Real” does not cease to be a little stronger than wonderful “Atlético”. Therefore, it is possible that the price for the favor of arbitration against “Bavaria” will overtake Zidane in the final, but not in the semi-finals.



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