Will Monaco change History?

Predictions for Monaco Juventus match

Will Monaco change History?
Will Monaco change History?

One finalist will be Spanish, the second — either from Italy or France. “Football-Today.com” wonders, whether “Monaco” or “Juventus” will be in the final?

“Monaco” VS “Juventus”

The first match will be held on May 3, the second match – May 9.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s see what’s on football today! Let’s consider all pros- and contras- of Juventus and Monaco FC and update football predictions accordingly.  First of all, it seems that historical statistics favour heavily “Juventus”.

Meetings between opponents:

4 matches,  goal difference — 4:7. Semi-finals of the Champions League in 1997/98 (1:4, 3:2), and the quarter-finals of the Champions League 2014/15 (0:1, 0:0).  Both times “Juventus” prevailed and went further, while winning semi-finals against the French clubs.

Monaco VS Juventus
Monaco VS Juventus

Pros of the semi-finals:

  1. Jardim already said – he does not intend to abandon the attacking style. Allegri also spent almost a whole season to implement different attacking tactics in “Juventus”. Perhaps the spectators will see sparks and magic of a real battle between two fresh styles.
  2. We will see the formation of a new classical duel in the Champions League. Both teams were in the finals in the 21st century and played among themselves not long ago.
  3. There were changes in team structure during two years, but the coaches remain the same. Therefore, it’s highly probable that this fight will be interesting.
  4. It would be interesting to see the opposition of defense and attack, experience and youth. Considering underlying motives, all of this contributes to a complex and interesting pair.
  5. There are many interesting fights at individual level — Mbappé and Falcao against Chiellini, Bonucci and Buffon, Fabinho against Dybala and Pjanić, Mendy and Lemar against Dani Alves.
  6. In all probability it’s the last chance for Buffon to win the Champions League.

Cons of the semifinals:

1.There are few minuses, unless we remember the importance of the match and the price of a mistake. In reality, you can’t trust coaches for a word. Perhaps Allegri and Jardim dream of attacking play, but will only agree to it until the first mistake, as it happened two years ago. 3. Both contenders are interesting, both deserve the finals and, unlike the Spaniards, they often did not get a chance. 4. This pair can disappoint, if it turns out that it is advantageous for both teams to play defensively on counterattacks. Look at the ball-selection of Juventus (not in a hurry to put pressure high) and the transfer of Monaco (they play without intermediate passes, just on counterattacks).

Why will Monaco triumph? 

There are lots of pros for the “Monegasques”, let their defense be not as good as the attack. They can definitely go further. Jardim has ambitions. His team is very interesting team, and will not give up the finals against any opponent – be it Spanish or Italian.  “Monegasques” show excellent football and their play style in highly daring and courageous. Therefore, it may be more difficult for Juventus to stand against it, than Neymar, Messi and Suarez. The French are newcomers. The effect of surprise worked against Manchester City and Borussia. “Juventus” is more solid but not the most successful club in the history of the Champions League. He holds just one victory in five finals.

Why will Juventus win?

Because that’s what they usually do. Champion of Italy is a formal favorite of the semifinals. The Turin monster played twice in the finals in the seasons. Although Juventus both times lost to the Spanish grandee – “Real” and “Barcelona”. But now they have already beaten the Catalans and are going to win again if they meet the legend of Juventus – Zidane in the final. Allegri talks confidently, works confidently, goes confidently to the Champions League.

Juventus has excellent defense, legends on the field, plays an interesting tactic. They are more experienced than Monaco, so they can win. Their preparation is thorough. And Dybala can eclipse Mbappa. He has more experience and creativity in the game too. The Italians are the champion team. So it’s possible we’ll see that Juventus is better collective than their rivals from France. And only a man without a heart would not want a victory for Buffon in the Champions League.

Forecast "Footbal-Today.com"
Forecast “Footbal-Today.com”

Forecast “Footbal-Today.com”: recognizing the beauty of the “Monaco” as a comet, supposedly they will burn in the layers of the Italian protective atmosphere. We wait Juventus FC in the Finals.



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